We are a new, ready to be populated IRC chat Server (IRCv3).

You can already connect over SSL/TLS: irc.bitsnbytes.chat port: 6697

We have a public web chat interface: https://public.bitsnbytes.chat (opens in new tab). You can chat in our #bnb channel and talk to us if you want. Just use the default settings but give yourself a nickname if possible. 🙂

Running Ergo as IRCd and services we offer an IRCv3 server with bouncer capabilities and services: Nickserv, Chanserv and Hostserv. You can for example set always-on using “nickserv set”. Also channels can playback chat history for new people and there are many more features.

If you want you can also request a vhost in #bnb – an IRCop will have to approve your vhost.

Have a look at the user manual here (opens in new tab) if you want! Ergo is the ircD we’re using.

We would be happy if you try our server and wish you a lot of fun!