Removed Matrix

Yo, we removed the Matrix decentralized chat service from our server as the setup became too complicated. There were no users yet so I don’t think that’s a problem. ;D

Recent things …

Yo, I just set up Matrix and Ergo to work with Caddy v2 (webserver) automatically obtaining SSL certs (Let’s Encrypt). Our public IRC Interface is back (click). We now also run a Matrix Server. You’re allowed to register: Have fun all! 🙂


We’re currently in the process of setting up Matrix for our chats aswell. We will link Matrix Chatroom to the IRC #bnb channel. As for now the public IRC is offline, but you can still connect to IRC using your IRC client of choice. To register on our server for Matrix, go to 🙂 … Read more

Private Webchat

We set up another TheLounge for private use, with the possibility to add more Networks and to save your settings. This instance is for people we know only. Have fun! 😀